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Rich GibbsRich Gibbs is a software guy with a background in quantitative finance, applied math, and physical chemistry.  He currently lives and works in Northern Virginia, outside Washington DC, but has made stops along the way in Chicago, Boston, New York, San Francisco, Frankfurt-am-Main, and London (not in that order).   His interests include:

  • Software development, particularly open source
  • Systems security
  • Reading, words, and language (a bit of German, Latin, and French)
  • Travel
  • Food and cooking
  • Science
  • Music (mostly classical)
  • Cycling (mostly road)
  • Math and statistics

However, as the title suggests, he is likely to touch on a wide variety of topics here.

Rich’s aim in writing here is to point out and talk about things that he finds interesting, funny, thought-provoking, or just a little weird.  It is no part of his intention to become involved in political wrangling, since he thinks that particular blog market segment already has a surfeit of alternatives.

His PGP public key is available from the MIT public keyserver.  The key ID is 0xED7CAF8C.  The key fingerprint is:

0D63 AB63 395A 8CA0 7054 9176 8134 6CC7 ED7C AF8C

The key above expired on 20 March 2011.  Rich’s new key is also available from the MIT public keyserver; the key ID of the new key is  0xA6BE5EF8.   The key fingerprint is:

C251 2DBB CB33 7FBD 9885 BC27 0203 7473 A6BE 5EF8

You can contact Rich by E-mail.

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