Mozilla Releases Firefox 22

Today the Mozilla organization released a new version, 22.0, of its Firefox browser for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X.  The new version includes some new features:

  • HTML5 audio/video playback rate can now be changed
  • Social services management implemented in Add-ons Manager
  • The WebRTC communications API is now enabled by default
  • Additional optimizations for JavaScript

There are also several miscellaneous improvements, and fixes for 14 identified security vulnerabilities, four of which Mozilla categorizes as Critical.  Further information is available in the Release Notes.

Because of its security content, I recommend that you update your Firefox installations as soon as you conveniently can.  You can obtain the new version via the built-in update mechanism, or you can download a complete installation package, in your choice of language(s).

Update Tuesday, 25 June, 16:25 EDT

This blog post on the Mozilla Blog explains some of the new features in more detail.

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