Raspberry Pi Delivered

April 16, 2012

Back in late February, I wrote about the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s bare-bones, low cost (ca. $35) single-board Linux computer.    The idea behind the Raspberry Pi is to provide a cheap computer that can be used in quantity, particularly in educational settings.

The first offering, the Model B board,  mounts a 700 Mhz ARM CPU, a GPU, 256 MB of memory, audio, HDMI, and RCA video outputs. an Ethernet connection, and two USB ports; there is also a slot for an SD memory card.   The initial stock of Model B units sold out within a few hours of the launch in February; delivery has been somewhat delayed by initial manufacturing glitches, and the need to get a “CE” certification that the unit meets European regulatory standards.

According to an article at Ars Technica, the certification has now been completed, and the first Model Bs have been delivered to distributors for shipment to end users.

The Raspberry Pi foundation has started shipping units of the much-anticipated $35 Linux computer. The organization has already started handing out the first units and conducting educational seminars with students.

The Foundation says that routine manufacturing has been started, so that any backlogs should be cleared soon, and that the reaction so far from students has been very positive.

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