Raspberry Pi Gets Memory Boost

October 15, 2012

I’ve written here a few times about the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s bare-bones, low cost ($35) single-board Linux computer, the Raspberry Pi, designed originally for educational applications.  Today, in a post on its Web site, the Foundation announced that all Model B boards would henceforth ship with 512 MB of memory (rather than 256 MB).   The announcement also noted the release of new firmware versions to facilitate access to the additional memory.  (The announcement has a link to download the new versions.)

According to Eben Upton, author of the announcement, and a founder and trustee of the Foundation, a number of people had suggested adding a “Model C” board, with more memory, in addition to the existing lineup.  But the Foundation wanted to keep the $35 price point, so it worked with its suppliers to provide the additional memory on the Model B without raising the price.   Both new orders, and existing orders that have not yet been filled, will receive the upgraded Model B.

Ars Technica also has an article on the upgrade.

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