More to See with Google Art Project

November 3, 2012

Back in early 2011, Google launched its Art Project, to bring images of art works from a group of world-class museums to your Web browser.  The project also featured “virtual tours” of some galleries, using Google’s “Street View” technology.

In a post on the Official Google Blog, the project’s Piotr Adamczyk has announced the availability of a new group of works from 29 art organizations in 14 countries.  Some of the organizations added are:

  • The Phillips Collection, Washington DC, USA
  • Walters Art Museum, Baltimore MD, USA
  • Palazzo Vecchio, Florence, Italy
  • Latvian National Museum, Riga, Latvia
  • Jintai Art Museum, Beijing, China
  • Istanbul Museum of Modern Art, Istanbul, Turkey

A new “Compare” tool has also been added to the Art Project site; the tool allows you to compare two works of art side by side.  This can be used, for example, to explore how an artist’s style evolved over time.  There is also a “Hangout” app for Google+ users.

Google’s Art Project was already a wonderful cultural resource, and these additions make it even better.

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