Chrome Updates for Other Platforms

June 18, 2013

A few hours ago, I posted a note about the release of version 28.0.1500.45 of Google’s Chrome for the Linux platform.  Now the rest of the conventional PC world has been updated, too, with the Release Announcement for version 27.0.1453.116, for Windows, Mac OS X, and Chrome Frame.

This release incorporates fixes for a “click-jacking” vulnerability with the Flash plugin, and some other unspecified security issues.  It also fixes some other user interface bugs; more detail is available in the Release Announcement.  Although the identified security issue is not too serious (Google rates it as Medium severity), it’s probably a good idea to get the update, which you can do using the built-in update mechanism.

I confess that I am no more enlightened than before about why this update is different from the Linux update; I have no further information on what is actually in the Linux update.

Google Releases Chrome 28 for Linux

June 18, 2013

Google has released a new stable version, 28.0.1500.45, of its Chrome browser for Linux. The Release Announcement, which is quite terse, makes no mention of other platforms; nor is there any indication of what changes are included in this version.  My guess  is that we will see a similar release for Windows and Mac OS X shortly; I’ll post a follow-up note if I learn anything more.

Google does say that the minimum supported release level for Linux has been updated to:

  • Ubuntu 12.04+
  • Debian 7+
  • OpenSuSE 12.2+
  • Fedora Linux 17+

This doesn’t necessarily mean that this and future releases will not work with older Linux versions, just that they may not; if they don’t, Google won’t fix it.

As usual, Linux users should check their distributions’ package repositories to get the new version.

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