Mozilla Releases Firefox 19

The Mozilla organization released a new major version, 19.0, of its Firefox Web browser, for Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows.  In addition to the customary updates to the Gecko rendering engine in a major release, this version incorporates several new features and improvements.  Probably the most significant change for most users is the inclusion of the new, built-in PDF viewer.  (The plan to include a viewer was first discussed back in October, 2011.)  Other significant changes include:

  • Improved start-up performance
  • Better HTML 5 support for cascading style sheet (CSS) capabilities
  • Fixes to bugs in WebGL processing, plug-in rendering, and private mode startup
  • Fixes for eight identified security vulnerabilities, four of which are rated Critical

Further information is available from the Release Notes.

You can get the new version using the update mechanism built into the browser, either automatically or via Help / About Firefox / Check for Updates.  Alternatively, you can get a complete installation package, available in more the 70 languages, from the download page.

Update Wednesday, 20 February, 14:53 EST

The “Webmonkey” blog at Wired has a short article on the new version of Firefox.

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