Updates for Windows, Linux Chrome Versions

February 6, 2013

Google has released two separate updates for its Chrome browser, one for the Windows version, and one for the Linux version.  Both are meant to address specific bugs, and there do not appear to be any security implications.

The Windows update, to version 24.0.1312.60, addresses a bug in the stand-alone installer program, which fails to create desktop “shortcuts” properly.   If you have not experienced this bug, there is no special reason for you to upgrade.  If you are planning to use the stand-alone installer, you should ensure that you have a current copy of GoogleChromeStandaloneEnterprise.msi, the installer binary.  For further information, see the Release Announcement.

The Linux update, to version 24.0.1312.68, resolves a bug that in some cases prevented the bundled Flash player (Pepper Flash) from working properly.  (You can check your Chrome installation by visiting Adobe’s Flash test page.)  Further information is available in the Release Announcement.  Check your distribution’s repositories to get the new version.

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