Microsoft Patch Tuesday Preview, September 2012

In keeping with its customary schedule, Microsoft today released its Security Bulletin Advanced Notification for September, 2012, previewing the security patches it intends to release next Tuesday, September 11.   Overworked systems adminstrators may welcome the news that there will be only two bulletins this month, both with an Important severity rating.  For the first time, as best I can remember, there are no patches for Windows itself.  One bulletin applies to Microsoft’s developer tools, specifically Visual FoxPro; the other applies to Microsoft server software, Systems Center Configuration Manager.

This means that the average home user will probably not have any updates to apply this month.  As always, however, the details are subject to change between now and the time that the security bulletins are actually released next Tuesday.  I will post a note here when the updates are available.

2 Responses to Microsoft Patch Tuesday Preview, September 2012

  1. wayne says:

    thank god for that. I detest the updates. You feel compelled to deploy them but it can be like playing russian roulette with your pc.

  2. […] is Microsoft’s “Patch Tuesday” for this month.  As I noted in the preview post, there are only two patches scheduled for release, neither of which is for Windows itself.  Many […]

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