Google Releases New Chrome Version

Google today released new versions of its Chrome browser for all platforms.  The new versions are 21.0.1180.81 for Linux, 21.0.1180.83 for Windows and Chrome Frame, and 21.0.1180.82 for Mac.  (The beta channel version for Mac is also updated to 21.0.1180.82.) This release fixes a number of bugs; it also includes an updated version of the embedded Flash Player.  (This updated Flash Player version incorporates the same security fixes as Adobe’s release today.)  Further details are in the Release Announcement.

Because of the security content of the Flash Player update, I recommend that you update your systems promptly.  Windows and Mac users should get the new version via the built-in update mechanism. Linux users should get the updated package from their distributions’ repositories, using their standard package maintenance tools.

You can check the version of Chrome that you have by clicking on the tool menu icon (the little wrench), and then selecting “About Google Chrome”.

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  1. […] appears to be the same one mentioned in the most recent Flash Player update.)  Google released a new version of the Chrome browser today that updates the embedded Flash Player (it also contains other fixes). […]

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