Mozilla Releases Firefox 14.0.1

The Mozilla organization today released version 14.0.1 of its Firefox Web browser for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux.  In addition to fixing numerous bugs, the new version incorporates some additional or changed features:

  • The address bar (Mozilla calls it the “awesome bar”) now auto-completes typed URLs
  • Google searches via the search box now use secure HTTP (https:)
  • Full-screen mode is now supported on Mac OS X Lion
  • Plugins can now be configured to “load on click” (instead of at startup).

Further information on these and other changes is available in the Release Notes.

According to the Release Notes, the new release also fixes some security vulnerabilities; however, the Security Advisory Page has not been updated for 14.0.1 yet.  I’ll update this post when the details are posted.

You can obtain the new version via the built-in update mechanism (Help / About Firefox / Check for Updates), or you can download a complete installation package, in a variety of (human) languages.

Update Tuesday, 17 July, 12:17 EDT

The Security Advisory Page has now been updated for this release, which includes fixes for 14 vulnerabilities.  Mozilla rates the severity for five of these as Critical, and four as High.

Update Wednesday, 18 July, 11:09 EDT

Ars Technica has a short review of the new features in Firefox 14.  It mentions one minor change which I had overlooked.  Firefox will no longer display a site icon (“favicon”) in the URL bar; rather, it will display either a globe for standard HTTP connections, or a padlock for secure HTTPS connections.  The reason for the change is to prevent from spoofing a secure connection by using a padlock as its site icon.

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