More Tiny Bits

Back in January, I posted a note about some new research in nanoscale memory, from IBM Research’s Almaden lab, in which the research team had managed to construct a magnetic memory device using only a dozen atoms per bit.   (In comparison, the densest commercial magnetic memories currently use ~1 million atoms/bit.)

IBM ‘s site now has a page available that gives some more background on the research, including a short video from Andreas Heinrich, the principal investigator from IBM Almaden.  There’s also a link to a downloadable fact sheet [PDF].   The experimental memory device is assembled using a scanning tunneling electron microscope, invented by IBM Research, Zürich in 1981 (and for which IBM scientists Gerd Binnig and Heinrich Rohrer received the Nobel Prize in physics in 1986).

This technology is still at a very early stage of investigation, but the possibilities are intriguing.  Maybe Moore’s Law will keep working longer than we thought.

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