Google Updates Chrome Yet Again, to 17·0·963·79

March 10, 2012

Google today released another updated version, 17·0·963·79,  of its Chrome browser, for all platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Chrome Frame).  This release fixes a Critical security vulnerability.  Like the flaw fixed by the previous update, this bug was discovered as part of recent Google’s security contest.  The discoverer, who goes by the nickname “PinkiePie”, received a $60,000 bug bounty from Google.  The company says it is pleased with the result of its competition, and plans to issue a technical report on the two flaws.

We also believe that both submissions are works of art and deserve wider sharing and recognition. We plan to do technical reports on both Pwnium submissions in the future.

Further information is in the Release announcement.

Windows and Mac users should get the new version via the built-in update mechanism.  Linux users should get the updated package from their distributions’ repositories, using their standard package maintenance tools.

Because of the serious nature of the vulnerabilities that were fixed, I recommend that you check to ensure your Chrome installation is up to date: click on the Tools button (the little wrench), and then select “About Google Chrome”.

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