Google Updates Chrome Again, to 17·0·963·78

Google has released a new stable version, 17·0·963·78, of its Chrome browser, for Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and Chrome Frame.   The new version fixes some problems with Flash content, and also fixes a Critical security vulnerability.  Further details are in the Release Announcement.

The security flaw was disclosed yesterday as part of a hacking contest, sponsored by Google, at the CanSecWest security conference being held in Vancouver.  The new release announcement confirms that The discoverer of the bug, Sergey Glazunov. will receive $60,000 under Google’s “bug bounty” program.  Kudos to Google for getting a fix out so quickly.

Windows and Mac users should get the new version via the built-in update mechanism.  Linux users should get the updated package from their distributions’ repositories, using their standard package maintenance tools.

Update Friday, 9 March, 21:45 EST

Ars Technica has an article that gives a bit more background on this update.

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