Critical Updates for Java

February 16, 2012

Oracle has released its quarterly security fixes for Java.  The new Version 6 Update 31, addresses 14 identified security vulnerabilities; at least one of these is extremely serious, because it can be exploited remotely without a login.  (There is also a Version 7 Update 3 available for developers, with the same fixes.)  Further information is available in the Critical Patch Update Advisory.

The new version is available for almost all platforms: Linux, Windows, and Solaris.  Apple supplies its own versions of Java for Mac OS X; there is usually a time lag of at least a few days after Oracle releases a new version before an updated Mac version is available

Because of the security content of this release, if you have Java installed ono your system, I recommend that you install this update as soon as you conveniently can.  You can obtain the new version, including the browser plug-in, from the Java download page.  Windows users can also use automatic updates to get the new release.


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