Mozilla Releases Firefox 7.0

The Mozilla organization today released a new version, 7.0, of its Firefox Web browser, for Mac OS X, Linux, and Windows.  Version 7.0 incorporates some new capabilities, including:

  • Better memory handling
  • Faster sync for bookmarks and passwords
  • Support for the Navigation Timing specification
  • Better support for MathML
  • Upgraded WebSocket support

More information is available in the Release Notes.  The new release also incorporates several stability and security fixes.

You can obtain the new version, in 70+ languages, from the download page.  Alternatively, you can use the built-in update mechanism (Help -> About Firefox -> Check for Updates).

Update Tuesday, September 27, 22:30 EDT

The official Mozilla Blog has a post giving an overview of  the new version.

Update Wednesday, September 28, 15:48 EDT

Mozilla now has posted a list of security vulnerabilities fixed in Firefox 7.0.   And Ars Technica has a post that discusses some of the changes in the new version.

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