Adobe to Issue Urgent Update for Flash

Adobe has announced, in a post on the Product Security Incident Response Team blog, that it intends to release a security update for its popular Flash Player tomorrow, September 21.  According to the announcement, this update will address Critical security issues, as well as a cross-site scripting vulnerability that is currently being exploited “in the wild”.

Google Chrome users should also expect an update to the Chrome browser to incorporate the Flash fixes.  (Chrome is shipped with the Flash Player included.)

I will post another note here when the update is actually released.

2 Responses to Adobe to Issue Urgent Update for Flash

  1. […] Google has released a new version, 14·0·835·186, of its Chrome browser for all platforms (Windows, Mac, Linux, and Chrome Frame).  This version incorporates the updates to  Flash Player I mentioned in my previous post. […]

  2. […] expected, Adobe has released a new version,, of its Flash Player for Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, […]

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