Google Releases Chrome 14·0·835·163

September 16, 2011

Google has released a new version, 14·0·835·163, of its Chrome browser, for all platforms (Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, and Chrome Frame).  This release includes fixes for 32 identified security vulnerabilities.  (Some of the fixes only apply to certain platforms.)   More details are available in the release announcement on the Chrome Releases blog.

The new release also incorporates some new features, including the Web Audio API, and interface enhancements for Mac OS X Lion.  More information on these enhancements is posted on the Google Chrome blog.

Windows users  should  get the new version via the built-in automatic update mechanism; you can verify that your system has been updated by clicking on the tools menu (the little wrench), and then on “About Google Chrome”.  Linux users can get the updated package using their distros’ usual update tools.  I do recommend checking to make sure your system is updated, because of the security content of this release.

Update Friday, 16 September, 22:35 EDT

This new version is also the first Stable version to incorporate Google’s new Native Client technology, which allows the browser to run compiled C or C++ code, in the same way that it can run JavaScript.  I discussed Native Client in more detail when it was introduced in the Beta channel; that post has links to more information on the technology.

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