Adobe Security Updates for Reader, Acrobat

As expected, Adobe today released a Security Bulletin [APSB11-24] for its Reader and Acrobat software, for the Windows and Mac OS X platforms.    The bulletin addresses 13 identified security vulnerabilities, and is rated Critical by Adobe.  The following versions of the software are affected:

  • Adobe Reader X (10.1) and earlier 10.x versions
  • Adobe Reader 9.4.5 and earlier 9.x versions
  • Adobe Acrobat X (10.1) and earlier 10.x versions
  • Adobe Acrobat 9.4.5 and earlier 9.x versions
  • Adobe Acrobat 8.3 and earlier 8.x versions

The updates bring the current version numbers to Adobe Reader X 10.1.1, Reader 9.4.6, and Acrobat 9.4.6.   Adobe Reader 9.4.5 for UNIX/Linux is also affected; version 9.4.6 for that platform is scheduled for release November 7, 2011.

You can get the new version of Reader using the products built-in update mechanism (Help -> Check for Updates).  You can also download the update, for Windows or Mac OS X, from Adobe’s site.  This is an update, not a full installation package, so you must have the previous version already installed.  For Acrobat updates, see the links in the Security Bulletin.

I recommend installing the new version as soon as you conveniently can.

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