Apple Releases QuickTime 7.7

Apple has released a new version, 7.7, of its popular QuickTime media player, for Windows and Mac OS X Leopard.  The new version incorproates fixes for 14 identified security vulnerabilities; more details, including CVE identifiers, are given in the security note accompanying the release.

If you have QuickTime installed on your system, I recommend that you install this update as soon as you conveniently can.  You can get the new versions from Apple’s Support Download page.

Update Friday, 5 August, 11:59 EDT

There seems to be a problem with the Apple support site; trying to download QuickTime still results in getting version 7.6.9.  The built-in update mechanism (Help / Check for Updates) and Apple Software Update do appear to work and get the new version.  I’ve sent an E-mail to Apple support, and I’ll post an update here if I learn anything more about what’s going on.

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