Security Update for Flash Player

Adobe has released a new version of its Flash Player, for all platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and Solaris).  The new version, which is numbered 10·3·181·22 (except for the Active X version for Internet Explorer, which is 10·3·181·23), patches a serious security vulnerability [CVE-2011-2107] in the player that Adobe says is being actively exploited via links to malicious web sites embedded in E-mail messages.  More detailed information is given in the Adobe Product Security Bulletin [APSB11-13].

I recommend that you install this update as soon as you conveniently can.  (You can check the version of the Flash plugin used by your browser by visiting this page; a table on the page also shows the most recent version for all platforms.)   Windows users who use a browser other than Internet Explorer may need two updates: the Active X version for IE, and the version for everything else.  Windows and Mac users should be able to obtain the new version via the product’s built-in update mechanism; alternatively, you can download it here.

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