Chrome Update for Flash

June 6, 2011

Google has released a new version, 11·0·696·77, of its Chrome browser for all platforms (Mac OS X, Linux, Windows, and Chrome Frame).  This version incorporates the new version of Adobe’s Flash Player, 10·3·181·22, which was just released.

Since this update addresses a vulnerability that is being exploited, you should check to ensure you have the current version (Help / About Google Chrome).

Security Update for Flash Player

June 6, 2011

Adobe has released a new version of its Flash Player, for all platforms (Windows, Linux, Mac OS X, and Solaris).  The new version, which is numbered 10·3·181·22 (except for the Active X version for Internet Explorer, which is 10·3·181·23), patches a serious security vulnerability [CVE-2011-2107] in the player that Adobe says is being actively exploited via links to malicious web sites embedded in E-mail messages.  More detailed information is given in the Adobe Product Security Bulletin [APSB11-13].

I recommend that you install this update as soon as you conveniently can.  (You can check the version of the Flash plugin used by your browser by visiting this page; a table on the page also shows the most recent version for all platforms.)   Windows users who use a browser other than Internet Explorer may need two updates: the Active X version for IE, and the version for everything else.  Windows and Mac users should be able to obtain the new version via the product’s built-in update mechanism; alternatively, you can download it here.

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