Kansas City, Missouri, Added to Google Test

Back at the end of March, I posted a note here about Google’s selection of Kansas City, Kansas, as the location for its experiment in providing high speed  (1 Gbps) residential Internet connectivity.  Now, according to an article in the “Law and Disorder” blog at Ars Technica, Kansas City, Missouri will be included in the experiment as well, under a new agreement between Google and the local electric utility, Kansas City Power & Light.

That deal provides cash in exchange for Google’s access to the electrical infrastructure, including poles and substations, to make deployment of its fiber fast and (relatively) inexpensive.

The deal substantially increases the number of potential customers.  The population of Kansas City MO is about 480,000, while the population of Kansas City KS is about 150,000.  (Population of the Kansas City metro area is ~2 million.)

The rollout of the new service is expected to begin early next year.

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