Java 6 Update 25 Released

Oracle has released a new Version 6 Update 25 of its Java software (which it acquired along with Sun Microsystems). This version includes performance and stability improvements, improved Big Decimal support, and support for new browser versions (Firefox 4, Chrome 10, and Internet Explorer 9).  It also incorporates some updated time zone information.  According to Oracle, there are no security-related fixes in this release.   There is more information in the Release Notes.  A list of all bug fixes incorporated in this version is here.

Oracle recommends (and I concur) that you should remove all older versions of Java from your system; they are not needed, and may pose a security risk.

The new version is available for Windows, Linux, and Solaris (SPARC and Intel) systems. You can use the products built-in update mechanism, or you can download versions for all platforms here.  Mac users should note that Apple releases its own version of Java, and it typically takes a few weeks to get the latest updates. As I noted in a post last fall, it’s not clear that everyone needs Java, but if you have it, you should keep it up to date; it is one of the popular attack vectors for the Bad Guys.

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