Mozillla Releases Firefox 4

The Mozilla organization has released a new major version of its Firefox Web browser, Firefox 4, for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux.  This release contains many new features, which are listed in the Release Notes; some of the more significant changes include:

  • A new, faster JavaScript engine
  • Support for the “Do Not Track”  header
  • Inclusion  of Firefox Sync, which allows you to keep bookmark lists on different devices synchronized
  • Improvements to HTML 5 support
  • Better utilization of graphics hardware

You can download the new version, in many different languages, from this download page.

Update Thursday, March 24, 15:00 EDT

The Internet Storm Center, run by th SANS Institute, has an interesting diary entry on new security features in Firefox 4.

Mozilla has also released a new version, 3.6.16, with security updates, for those who are not quite ready to move to the new major version; the Release Notes for 3.6.16 have more details.

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