Adobe Updates Flash for Windows, Reader for Linux

Adobe has released a new version,, of its Flash Player for the Windows platform.  It appears, from Adobe’s product home page for Flash Player, that there has also been an update to version for Mac OS X since the all-platform update on February 8.   The most recent version for Linux remains

I recommend installing the new version as soon as you conveniently can; because the player is installed widely across multiple platforms, it is an attractive attack target.  You can get the most recent version of Flash Player from Adobe’s download page.  Windows users should note that they may need to download two updates: one for Internet Explorer, and another for other browsers.

Adobe has also released the new version 9.4.2 of the Adobe Reader for Linux.  (The corresponding versions for Windows and Mac OS X were released in early February.)  You can get installation packages from Adobe’s Reader download page.

Update Wednesday, 2 March, 20:15 EST

The initial information I got on the Flash update was incorrect.  It apparently fixes a couple of issues affecting Flash developers, but is not a security update.  So there’s no need to rush the update.  My apologies for the inconvenience.

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