Firefox 4 Beta 12 Released

February 26, 2011

The folks at Mozilla have released the latest beta version, 4.0b12, of the Firefox 4 browser.  This updated beta fixes more than 600 bugs; the developers also claim to have fixed the memory leaks that plagued earlier betas.  (So far, my limited testing does seem to show a definite improvement there.)   The new beta also fixes one very common complaint.   In earlier betas, hovering the mouse over a link displayed the link in the location/address bar (where you would type in a URL); however, the display was grayed out, and so dim  that I didn’t even notice it the first two or three times I used the beta version.  Now, the link is displayed at the bottom left corner of the browser window, close to its previous position in the status bar.  This is a useful change; I always try to encourage people to look at the link before they click on it.

This is still pre-release software, so I don’t recommend using it for critical applications, although it is stable enough to use for ordinary browsing.   You may experience difficulties with some add-ons; please report these, using the built-in feedback tool, to make things better for everyone.  Full details of the changes and new features are in the Release Notes ; installation binaries for all platforms (Linux, Mac OS X, and Windows), in numerous human languages, can be downloaded here.

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