Java 6 Update 24 Released

Oracle has released a new Version 6 Update 24 of its Java software (which it acquired along with Sun Microsystems).  This version fixes  21 identified security vulnerabilities.  There is more information in the Release Notes; a list of security fixes, with CVE numbers, is here.  It also incorporates some updated time zone information.  Because of its security content, I recommend installing it as soon as you conveniently can.

The new version is available for Windows, Linux, and Solaris (SPARC and Intel) systems.  You can use the products built-in update mechanism, or you can download.versions for all platforms here.   Mac users should note that Apple releases its own version of Java, and it typically takes a few weeks to get the latest updates.  As I noted in a post last fall, it’s not clear that everyone needs Java, but if you have it, you should keep it up to date; it is one of the popular attack vectors for the Bad Guys.

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  1. […] of Apple’s version.  This new release from Apple corresponds to Java version 6 update 24, released by Oracle on February 17.   That release fixed a number of security […]

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