OpenOffice 3.3 Released

The OpenOffice project has released a new version, 3.3, of its office productivity suite.  The new version incorporates a number of new and enhanced capabilities, which are summarized on this page.  It also fixes 14 security vulnerabilities, some serious, which are summarized in the Security Bulletins.  More information on the changes is also available in the Release Notes.

You can obtain in the installation packages, for Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, and Solaris, from the download page, in a variety of (human) languages.  Windows and Linux users should note that the installation packages generally include the Java run-time  environment; but it is possible to download a version without Java.  Java is used to implement a number of features of OpenOffice, but it is possible to install OpenOffice without it.  (The OpenOffice site has a list of features that require Java; I wrote about the pros and cons of installing Java in this post.)

Because of the security updates in the new version, I recommend that you upgrade your installation.

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