Google Releases Chrome 8

December 3, 2010

Google has released a new version of its Chrome browser today, version 8.0.552.215, for Linux, Mac OS X, Windows, and Chrome Frame.   In addition to the built-in Flash player that has been in Chrome for some time, this version also includes a built-in PDF viewer, which runs in the browser “sandbox”.    This is a worthwhile improvement, especially considering the popularity of PDF files as an attack vector for the Bad Guys.  The new version also includes fixes for 13 security vulnerabilities.  More information on the vulnerabilities fixed in this version is in the release announcement on the official “Chrome Releases” blog.

I recommend installing the new version as soon as you conveniently can.  You can get it using the update mechanism built into the software (Menu: Help / About Google Chrome); Linux users can get the new version using the standard package update mechanism.

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