Yes, Virginia, It’s Still Down

According to a press release issued late yesterday by the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles, the ongoing saga of the systems failures at the Virginia Information Technologies Agency [VITA] is, well, ongoing.  It will not be possible again today for citizens to renew their driver’s licenses or state ID cards at any DMV facility.  Quoting from the press release:

An estimated recovery time for the computer system is not known, so customers are encouraged to visit the DMV website at or call (804) 497-7100 before visiting a DMV office this week

(Other transactions, such as vehicle registrations, are possible.)

Meanwhile, back at the VITA site, the first page I saw displayed a blurb for the Commonwealth of Virginia Innovative Technology Symposium 2010 [COVITS], which is to occur in Richmond on September 8.   Information about the service failure is not exactly prominent on the site, but the latest update has the usual self-congratulatory tone.

Significant progress has been made and we have reached high confidence that all services will be restored soon.

Real soon now.   Do you suppose everything will be fixed in time to talk about “innovative technology”?

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