Adobe to fix Reader, Acrobat

Adobe Systems has announced that it plans to release security updates tomorrow, Thursday, August 19, for its Reader and Acrobat software.  In an updated version of its Security Advisory for Adobe Reader and Acrobat [APSB10-17], the company said it would release updates for Reader on the Mac OS X, Windows, and Unix/Linux platforms, and for Acrobat on Mac OS X and Windows.   All versions of Reader up to and including 9.3.3 are affected by the vulnerability, CVE-2010-2862, as are all versions of Acrobat up through 9.3.3.

The vulnerability being addressed by this update is rated Critical by Adobe; you will probably want to patch this as soon as you can, especially for Reader, which is a popular vector for malware.  I’ll post a note here when the updates have actually been released.

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