Microsoft Security Patches, August 2010

Microsoft today released its normal monthly batch of security fixes.  A total of 15 patches are included in this month’s Security Bulletin Summary.   One of these, MS10-046, is the same patch that was released out-of-band on August 2.  The remaining 14 bulletins are new, and collectively address 31 separate  vulnerabilities.   Nine of the bulletins affect Windows itself or its components; every supported Windows version has at least two vulnerabilities rated Critical.   (A breakdown of severity rating by version is given in my preview post for this month.)   There are two bulletins that affect Microsoft Office, one rated Critical, and one for Microsoft Silverlight.  Microsoft also rates many of these vulnerabilities as very likely to be exploited.

All of these patches should be available from Windows Update; alternatively, there are download links in the Security Bulletin Summary.

The SANS Internet Storm Center has posted their usual monthly summary of the released patches.

I recommend installing these patches as soon as you conveniently can.

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