Courting Google, Again

I’ve written here a couple of times before about some of the antics that some localities are using to try to become Google’s choice for their 1+ Gbps fiber network experiment.  The deadline for localities to submit entries was last Friday, so there won’t e any more, but one late entry really is in a class by itself.  According to an article on the “Law and Disorder” blog at Ars Technica, a city councilman in Raleigh NC, Mr. Bonner Gaylord, has promised to name his as-yet-unborn twins “Larry” and “Sergey”, after the founders of Google, if Raleigh is chosen for the experiment.  (He did sort of wimp out at the last minute, and include a proviso that the children must be boys.)  As my friend Phil would say, this is height of something or other.

These various shenanigans have attracted some attention at Google, although it’s not clear that it is attention of the desired kind.  But Google does have an official blog post listing some of the other stunts.

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