Logo Contest Winner

February 22, 2010

Bruce Schneier, on his “Schneier on Security” blog, has been holding a (tongue-in-cheek) contest to design a new logo for the Transportation Security Administration.  (These are the folks that check you shoes and whatever at the airport security checkpoints.)  A group of finalists was selected and announced last week.   Now, the votes are in and have been counted, and the winner has been announced.  Congratulations to Rhys Gibson for the “Department of Security Theatre”.

OpenOffice 3.2 is Available

February 22, 2010

OpenOffice.org has released a new version, 3.2, of its office productivity suite; changes are described in the Release Notes. (This is a large suite, so don’t be unduly intimidated by the size of the change list.)  In addition to incorporating some new features, it fixes several security vulnerabilities, described on the Security Bulletin page.

You can download versions of OpenOffice.org 3.2, in more than two dozen languages, for Windows, Mac OS-X, Linux (RPM or DEB), and Solaris (SPARC or Intel); it is also possible to order a copy of the suite on CD-ROM from a number of authorized distributors.

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