Ubuntu Linux 9.10 Released

This morning, the Ubuntu project released version 9.10 of the popular Linux distribution.  Information and download links are available at the Ubuntu web site.  (If you are downloading a CD image, please be a considerate ‘net neighbor and use a mirror in  your geographic region, or use BitTorrent.)  Besides the desktop version, which will be of interest to most users (and perhaps should be called the desktop/notebook version), there are versions for servers and for netbooks.  The standard desktop version is a bootable “Live CD”, so you can have a look at Ubuntu without making any changes to your existing system.

The main Ubuntu distribution uses the GNOME desktop interface, but there are alternative versions available:

  • Kubuntu uses the KDE desktop manager instead of the GNOME manager used in standard Ubuntu.
  • Xubuntu uses the Xfce desktop, which requires significantly fewer hardware resources than either GNOME or KDE, making it a potentially attractive option for older PCs

There is also an Edubuntu variant designed especially for educational use.  All of these variants use the same core operating system, and packages from the different versions can be inter-mixed.  (More information is available in the community documentation)


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