Microsoft Black Tuesday Preview: September 2009

Next Tuesday, as a welcome back from the Labor Day weekend, Microsoft will release security updates for Windows systems on its regular monthly schedule.  According to the Security Bulletin Advance Notification, there are five updates that will be issued this month.  All five are rated as Critical for some versions of Windows, and all supported versions of Windows are affected.  The breakdown of updates by version is:

Windows Version Critical Important Moderate
Windows 2000 3 1
Windows XP 3
Windows Vista 4
Windows Server 2003 2 1 1
Windows Server 2008 3 1

Unfortunately, these patches will all probably require the system to be re-booted after installation. Note that the ratings above may have changed when the updates are actually released on Tuesday.  (The Advance Notification, linked above, will be replaced by the final version at that time.)

As usual, I will post more information here once the actual updates are available

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