Microsoft Black Tuesday Preview – August 2009

Microsoft has released their usual preview of security updates to be released next Tuesday, August 11.  This month, nine security bulletins and associated patches are scheduled to be released.  Eight of these affect Windows itself, although not all eight affect all versions of Windows.  The breakdown by Windows version and severity rating appears to be:

Windows Version Critical Important Moderate
Windows 2000 4 2
Windows XP 3 3
Windows Vista 3 2 2
Windows Server 2003 4 3
Windows Server 2008 2 1 2

Note that this information may change when the patches are released.  Unfortunately, it appears that installation of almost all of these patches will require a reboot.

The ninth patch, also for a vulnerability rated Critical, affects Microsoft Office and several other Microsoft applications: Microsoft Visual Studio, Microsoft ISA Server, and Microsoft BizTalk Server.

As usual, I will post more information here once the updates are actually released.

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