Firefox 3.5.1 Released

The Mozilla organization has released a new version, 3.5.1, of the Firefox browser today.  According to the Release Notes, this version fixes some stability issues, as well as a problem specific to Windows systems, that led to long start-up times.  It also fixes some security issues; unfortunately, the link to the list of fixed issues is broken at the moment.  (I’ll update this post to identify the fixes as soon as I can get to the page.)

You should be able to get the new version via the built-in update system (under Help / Check for Updates).  You can download versions for all languages and platforms here.

Update, Thursday, July 16, 23:15

The Security Advisories page has now been updated, and it appears that the JIT bug that I wrote about a couple of days ago has been fixed.   Well done to the Mozilla folks for their quick response.

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