Microsoft Black Tuesday Preview – June

June 7, 2009

This coming Tuesday, June 9, is the second Tuesday of the month, which means Microsoft will release a bunch of new security updates on its regular monthly schedule.  MS has issued the Security Bulletin Advanced Notification for June 2009 (this link will be updated to point to the final bulletin when it is released on Tuesday).  According to the bulletin, there are nine security patches being released this month.   Six of them are rated as Critical, the most serious category: two for Windows itself, one for Internet Explorer, and three for components of the Mcrosoft Office suite.  Four more fixes for Windows are rated as either Important or Moderate.  As usual, we won’t know exactly which problems are being fixed until the updates are actually released.

All of the supported versions of Windows and Office are affected by at least some of the updates, although the severity of the potential vulnerability does vary across releases (see the table under “Affected Software” in the Advanced Notification, mentioned above).

Mac users should note that the three fixes for Microsoft Office also affect the Mac version of that software.

Once the updates are actually released, I will post the download links, with any commentary or suggestions.

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