Jolly Roger on the Bay?

The “On the Record” blog from the Maryland Daily Record recently had a note about the proposed construction of a liquified natural gas [LNG] terminal in the Chesapeake Bay.   Now, I don’t know much at all about the specifics of the plan, but there is a local group that apparently sees it as a major threat:

The folks over at the LNG Opposition Team have long said that building an LNG plant on the shores of the bay would surely invite terrorists to attack. They say a recent increase in piracy off the Somali coast is fodder for their argument.

It is, in principle, true that an LNG terminal might be a terrorist target.  It’s undoubtedly also true that a terminal built “on the shores of the bay” would be more vulnerable to a sea-based attack than one built in the middle of Kansas.  Of course, in the latter location it would also be essentially useless; but, hey, you can’t be too careful.  Besides, I can reveal here that the site of the proposed terminal is Sparrows Point.   And what was the pirate’s name in Pirates of the Caribbean?  Jack Sparrow.  I rest my case.

It used to be that the “war on drugs” or on child pornography was invoked to trump the Constitution and other such academic considerations.  The “war on terror” is the new appeal to unreason.

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