Apple and Adobe Updates

May 13, 2009

Not to be outdone by Microsoft, both Apple and Adobe have released new software versions that include significant security updates.

Adobe has released version 9.1.1 of the free Adobe Reader (formerly called Acrobat Reader).  This fixes a critical security vulnerability that affects all platforms (Windows, Mac OS/X, and Linux/Unix).  The security bulletin explaining the update is here. For Windows and the Mac, there are updates to install the fixes:

The Linux and Unix versions are full installers, and can be found here. There are also updates available for the full Acrobat product; see the security bulletin page for details.

The Adobe Reader product is very widely installed, as a browser plugin for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer and Mozilla’s Firefox, and as a stand-alone application.  This, and the fact that the vulnerability has been widely publicized, will likely make this a popular attack target; so I suggest installing the update sooner rather than later.

Apple has released a major update to the OS/X 10.5.x operating system; changes to the new version (10.5.7) are summarized here, along with the installation instructions.  More detailed information on security-related changes is also available.   Since this is a pretty comprehensive update, I do suggest reviewing the change summary before installing it.

Apple’s “Combo Update” installer (which is rather chunky, at 729 MB)  is available here, and is handy if you need to update multiple computers.  The built-in Software Update function can also be used, of course.

Update 5/13/2009 17:00

I missed this the first time around.  Apple also released an updated version, 3.2.3, of the Safari browser for both Windows and OS/X.  The description of the security fixes is in Apple Bulletin HT3550.   The actual software updates are here


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